How to sell on Marelecti.com: frequently asked questions

1. Is posting ads on Marelecti.com free?

On Marelecti.com the posting an ad is FREE .


2. How many ads can I post on Marelecti.com?

For now, there are no limitations on the number of ads you can post on Marelecti.com.


3. What can I sell on Marelecti.com?

On Marelecti.com you can sell goods, offer services, look for and offer work. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisements that do not comply with good practices, or with specific editorial policies of Marelecti.com. Publish only one ad for each good or service you want to offer, in the municipality where it is located. For more information on the rules, go to the help center.


4. How long does an ad stay online?

Each ad remains online for 60 days, at the expiration of your ad you will receive an email containing a link to renew your ad free of charge for another 2 months (it is important that you do so no later than 10 days from the moment you receive the email, otherwise you will not be able to renew your ad).

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